31Squares Productivity iPhone App :Review

31Squares Productivity iPhone App :Review


Fear of Missing Out: FOMO Epidemic Sweeps the Nation

Never feel left out again.
It’s Friday night and the worst thing has happened – it happened – and you weren’t there. You missed out.

We understand. You didn’t know about it. But…

There is something smarter. It’s a calendar. A champion of change. A spartan of spontaneity. It’s your city in the palm of your hand.

It’s called 31Squares. A smart calendar that learns what you love and recommends everything local that you’re missing out on. Think locally. From morning to night, it’s got you covered. Your personal event butler. It’s different.

31Squares learns what you love based on your interests.

It recommends free & paid local events that you’ve never heard of.

It suggests a wide range of events, from garage sales, to food trucks, theatre, sports and concerts.

It automatically reminds you when venues add or cancel events.

Local editors suggest the newest and coolest places to go.

Already have a calendar?
No problem. 31Squares will sync with your existing calendars.

Don’t want to sign up for another app?
Browse 31Squares for local events, no sign up required.

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