A Nearly Perfect Mobile Marketing Plan And Follow-up Execution Will Fall Short if The Underlying App is Uninspiring, Bug-ridden or Unremarkable. In addition, a well-designed, compelling app thrown in the mix of 50,000+ apps and unsupported by marketing, would likely disappoint. An integrated approach is most effective, with all components complementing and leveraging one another. A commitment to an integrated marketing plan And continued improvements to the app itself, will increase your probability of a sustained advantage in the Marketplace.

Here are 25 of your most creative options:-

1:Get Noticed in The App Store :- Prospective Customers Often Browse Within The Top Apps Listed in The App Store via iTunes on Their Computer or Via The iPhone App Store app. Your app’s Ranking is Affected by Unit Downloads and Getting into The Top 100 can Dramatically Impact the Success of Your App.

2. Build a Teaser Website:-  Do This a Month or Two Before Your Launch to Collect Email Addresses of People Who Would Like to Know When The App Launches…

3. Blog Promotion:- Attach it to Your Microsite. Write Interesting Content That Will Draw People to Your Website. Buffer App Does This Really Effectively.

4. Social Networking:- Announce to friends, associates and connections across your social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc

5.Create a Product Video:-  Make it creative, funny, thought-provoking or personal. Tell the story, but in a way people can identify with

6. Submit to App Review Sites:- Submit Your App For Review. Provide a Promo Code so That The Editorial staff Can Review Your App Without Having to Pay For it.

7. App Launch Sponsorship:- Secure a Launch Sponsor and Co-promote. Examples Include People Magazine’s App And its Launch Sponsor Unilever. Within Your pre-launch Marketing Materials, Promote and Provide Clear Instructions For Those Who Might be Interested in Being a Launch Sponsor. Explain The Benefits They’ll Receive in Terms of Publicity Exposure, Placement Within The App And other perks. Get creative with the extra perks. For Example, let’s say you’re a celebrity speakers bureau…you can offer an opportunity for your sponsors to enjoy an Evening Meeting a Few Celebrities

8. Contact Bloggers Who Would Care:- Identify bloggers who write on niches that relate to your app. For instance, a children’s app can be pitched to bloggers write write for mothers.

9. Tell-a-Friend in-app Feature:- Within your app, include a conspicuous “Tell a friend” feature and leverage the Users’ Personal iPhone’s Contacts Directory For Text Messaging or Email. Pre-populate The Message With Friendly Promotional copy that speaks highly of your app

10. Facebook fan page:- Setup a Facebook Fan Page to Showcase Your New App. It’s free and Easy And Your Page Can be Found Publicly in The Search Engines. When People Join Your Fan page, it’s Published in Their News Feed For All Their Friends to Read. It’s a Great Viral Marketing Tool !!!

11. Create a Facebook group.  Form a Group For People With Common Interests Related to Your App’s Niche so They Can Meet And Socialize Regularly. If Your App Caters to Hikers, For Example, Create a Hiking Group.

12. Twitter in-app feature:- Within Your App, Create a Twitter Update Feature so That Users Can Easily Tweet About The Awesomeness of Your App. Suggest a Few Pre-canned Complimentary Messages And Append With a TinyURL That Links to Your App in The App Store.

13. Email marketing:- Send out a highly targeted email campaign to prospects.  B2B and B2C email lists. Gather potential customer emails through Facebook, Twitter or your website. An email list of people who have opted in is a powerful marketing tool.

14. Start a Podcast:- Publish it on iTunes or Your Own Website. Draw Content From The Niche Your App Caters to Most.

15. Post on Pinterest:-  Use blog images, infographics and visual content from your app to create content on your Pinterest board.  You can even use happy customer photos or hold contests.

16. Run a contest:- For example, You can encourage people to tweet and share content on their social networks Promoting your app. A random person every week can win a promo code to download your app for free if it is a Paid one.

17. Make Good Use of App Store Optimization:- You can find it at the app store

18. Share Your Content:- Use your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to promote the app several times in a Week.

19.  Create Trial And Paid App Versions:- Offer a Free Trial Version With an Option to Have More Functionality in the Paid Version. [note: With OS 3.0, Apple now offers in-App purchases. The new and better approach is to offer a Free App With an Option to up-sell within the app.]

20. YouTube Promotion:- Create a YouTube Video About Your New App. Set up an Account For Free. In Your Video, Highlight The Ease of Use, Features and Benefits. Your YouTube Channel Can Include a Collection of Your Own Videos And a Memorable URL as Well. Tag Each of Your Videos And Your Channel With Highly Targeted Terms. YouTube Provides Analytics Insight Regarding The Number of Views, Visitors by Demographic And Popularity

21. Forum participation:- Identify Forums That Meet Your Target Audience Criteria. Participate in Discussions And Promote Your New App As Appropriate. Be Sure to Follow Each forum’s Protocol

22. Free classifieds:- Try free classified advertising on CraigsList.

23. Create wallpapers and backgrounds:-Create wallpaper/background image made of columns and rows of your app’s icon and use on your profile pages in MySpace, Twitter, etc.

24. Branded image projection:- Use indoor and outdoor image projection to promote your app icon.

25. Submit PR and Articles:-  Submit Press Release and Articles on your app



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