24me Smart Personal Assistant – Automate Your Calendar and Tasks iPhone App:...

24me Smart Personal Assistant – Automate Your Calendar and Tasks iPhone App: Review


24me 2.0 is the next generation smart calendar and automatic to-do list. It is the most advanced app to manage your life.

24me gives you a “heads up” about everything that’s happening in your day by intelligently connecting to your real life, reminding you about what is coming up next and *automatically* taking care of things for you. The ultimate personal assistant you always wanted, 100% free!

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24me is the Next Generation Personal Assistant that works for you around the clock and makes sure you don’t miss a thing. 24me gives you the right information at the right time and takes care of things for you. By gathering all your Calendars and Tasks into one place, and by using advanced technology, 24me automatically generates your daily to-do’s and events, and completes them for you – just like a real personal assistant. 24me makes sure you are on top of things.
No more having to switch between different apps to try to complete a simple task. 24me is all about making your life easier and saving you time.

The way 24me works for you:
# Presents a beautiful view of all your calendars and tasks in one place – fully synced.
# Integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook exchange and Yahoo calendar – all the calendars that are on your iPhone.
# Auto-generates your tasks and auto-completes errands with a tap of your finger.
# Securely connect all your accounts to get reminders and alerts of your service providers, financials, and social networks so you never miss a thing.
# Reminds you when bills are due and lets you pay on the spot.
# Celebrate with family and friends on their special events – use 24me’s in-app gift store to send beautiful gifts or post greetings on their timeline.
# Finds you someone to run your errands (Pick up packages, shop your groceries, fix your ikea table, etc) and saves you time. (Do what you do best and outsource the rest!).
# Helps you navigate to a meeting by giving you directions, estimated driving time and a street view of the target destination.
# Enables setting priorities, labels, reminders, recurring events, and shared tasks/notes with friends.
# Use your voice to add your meetings, tasks and reminders while you are on-the-go.
# Share events, tasks and reminders with your family and friends with real time sync between all participants.
# Brings together your Outlook Tasks and your iPhone reminders to one place.

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