A tale of Little Berry Forest is all about fun and fun

A tale of Little Berry Forest is all about fun and fun


Do you love fairy tale journey? If yes then ‘A tale of little Berry Forest’ is just made for you. The game is a perfect place to have forest journey. One of the most highlighted things in this game is that it is a handmade game and there is no computer graphics used in this game. All the pictures are made with oil pastels.

I found this as one of the emotional healing games that provide the best fun. You can feel the warmth of homemade cooking. The playing strategy of this game is also very cute. There are different tasks to do in this game related to farming, cooking and eating.


  • Cool & colorful graphics
  • Support for the Korean, Japanese, Spanish & English
  • Music and pictures seem like a fairy tale
  • All the characters are little and cute
  • Achievement board to check the achievement of your playing
  • Forest map to navigate easily from one place to another
  • Each character have an individual story