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World Clock Widget


World Clock Widget shows the world clock with a single swipe in your Notification Center.

World Clock Widget shows the time anywhere in the world – quick and easy. A must have when you are Traveling or are connected with people living in a different time zone.

Being a Widget means that it works directly from the lock screen. You don’t need to unlock your iPhone or iPad to use it.

How to use the World Clock Widget :-
# Choose a time zone
# Add the time zone to the Widget
# Swipe down from top of your screen to check The Time at The Location You choosed

The World Clock Widget is a tool you won’t miss again once you started to use it.

It tells you the time of your business partner, it lets you know if your distant friends finished work or if your family at home is still at sleep.

The World Clock Widget is perfect for world travel, global business and keep in touch with distant relatives, friends and family.

Features :-
# Accurate and reliable time keeping, perfectly synced with your iOS device
# Hundreds of cities from all over the world to choose from
# Covers any time zone in the world
# Automatic Adjusting to DST – DayLight Saving Time
# Free naming of the various clocks
# 12h or 24h format – set it how you like it
# Sort the order you want the clocks to show

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World Clock Widget