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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words will you need to make to guess the picture hiding in the background?

Play this challenging word puzzle game by yourself or over the network with your friends.

Unlock achievements and earn coins as you play through hundreds of puzzles.

Playable on IPad or IPhone. Other versions coming soon!
Some content available through in app purchase.

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Love playing Hangman or Wheel of Fortune? Then unleash your vocabulary with Word Hack.

Word Hack is a colourful twist to Hangman where speed and accuracy are pivotal to your success.

# PLAY the word-building puzzle built for speed and accuracy

# UNLEASH your vocabulary and puzzle solving skills

# DISCOVER a brand new way to play a classic game

We want Word Hack to be your new favorite word game; leave a review or send feedback and tell us What you think.

Please note: Word Hack may run slowly on the iPhone 4. Word Hack is optimized for iPhone 4s and Above hardware.


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