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whatshisface Review


whatshisface ( Noun )
(slang) A person whose name is either unknown or forgotten

How many Facebook friends do you have? 20? 150? 500? 2000?!
It doesn’t really matter how many friends you have, the question is – will you know their name if you’ll see them someday on the street?

Whatshisface is the first ever Facebook friend game – there is no other game like it – each user in the world has a different whatshisface game!

In Whatshisface you will see all your Facebook friends’ profile pictures and you’ll have 10 seconds to write their first name – 10 seconds are enough for good friends right? 😉

Now, after you’ve gathered so many Facebook friends, it’s time to show the world how well you know them.

Show your friends how much you really know them and check the leader board to see who is the best friend in your gang.

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