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Weather Widget

Weather forecasting and its many uses have been recognized long, long before any of us stepped foot on this planet, and for a pretty good reason. It stands to reason that each and every one of you should have a weather app/widget of sorts installed on his Smartphone, and today we’ll be looking at what’s on the market. Usually people don’t like spending a lot of time inside weather apps. Instead, they’d rather just swipe down and view current and impending conditions within the Today view section of Notification Center.

That’s why, when looking at weather apps to try, one of best criteria is that whatever one they choose, it comes complete with widget support.
The Weather Widget is your new weather forecast assistant to give your all latest weather updates based on your geographical location. You can check weather for any location and it display current and upcoming weather reports. Get forecast of your favorite location quickly by saving in widget. The widget is compatible to all iOS version so it give a best user interface on every device .The widget will change your Smartphone home screen and give a complete new look.

The widget contains few more interesting things for you like:
3D mountain widgets: A cool, simplistic flying mountain which tells you what weather is, how it looks like, like a game.

* Cat & Dog lover: Everyday, a cat or a dog will make you smile with their cuteness.
* Nature scenery: Very cool and beautiful scene nature to give a cool environment
* Halloween, Christmas… Enjoy weather in special events, and get a interface related to season.

We found Weather Widget Unique styles weather forecast app. There lot of unique features with awesome interface. Install the app now and enjoy our best weather widget design


Weather Widget



Weather Widget