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Enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan (or vegetarian) weekend with Filibaba! Veggie Weekend is free to download, complete with 18 fresh and exciting recipes like Saffron Risotto, Chili con Frijoles, and Palak Tofu.

=>Includes 18 yummy recipes, both vegan and vegetarian, suitable for weekend parties and family dinners
=>Everything from a festive salad to healthy cupcakes, sourdough bread and more
=>Exotic dishes inspired by world cuisines including Indian, South African, Swedish and Mexican
=>Exclusive recipes and exciting ingredients like Adzuki Bean Burgers and Chanterelle Pie
=>Even desserts are healthful with natural sweeteners such as dates and agave
=>Raw food recipes too!

=>Gorgeous, mouthwatering photos (Retina-quality)
=>Brilliant design as convenient to use as it is stunning to look at
=>Clever egg timer – just tap any cooking time in the recipe to start
=>All recipes in the app – no Internet connection required
=>Universal – one app designed for both iPhone and iPad
=>Recipes in English and Swedish
=>Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or email

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The Whole Pantry is the first of its kind, combining inspiring wholefood recipes with Lifestyle and Wellness Guides.

We don’t want to convert anyone from one diet or lifestyle to another, but rather encourage more of the basic foods (fruits and veggies) back into our diets where possible. TWP gives you a ‘back to basics’ approach to both cooking and nutrition, providing a wholefoods base for any dietary preference or lifestyle. Our meals are all created with its benefits in mind, to improve sleep, lose weight, clear skin, reduce allergies, better digestion or balance moods – we’ve got it covered!

=>49 Premium Recipes +
=>Lifestyle Packs – Healthy Holidays Bundle!
=>Free regular updates!
=>Vegetarian, clean eating, paleo & vegan friendly
=>10 health, wellness and lifestyle guides/articles
=>Regular Free Updates!
=>100% gluten & refined sugar free. Dairy free, vegan & paleo options.
=>Recommended – A library/resources list of favourite books, blogs, website and documentaries (non interactive)
=>Leading design, photography and interface
=>Shopping list: just email the ingredients straight to yours (or a friends) iPhone!
=>Multiple photos for each recipe (Retina quality)
=>Recipe indicators for raw, vegan, dairy free and/or gluten free.
=>Conversion tool – switch from metric to imperial.
=>Save your favourite recipes/guides.
=>Share what you’ve been cooking or reading with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!
=>Universal app – run The Whole Pantry on both your iPhone and iPad.

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Tons of tasty clean and green vegetarian recipes at your fingertip! Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, or just looking for healthy and tasty green dishes, this app is perfect for you.

Browse beautiful pictures of delicious food and make the dish yourself using our recipe instructions on either iPhone or iPad.

Recipes in the following categories: vegan, gluten-free, raw, salads, snacks, side dishes, or the delicious and essential line of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

Our app is highly visual, and designed in the beautiful minimalistic style of iOS 7 and beyond. Our goal was to offer a wide variety of recipes and a highly usable and visually appealing application, and we have delivered.

=> Over 65 green recipes (and growing) including tons of delicious desserts, salads, and raw foods.
=> Beautiful views of recipes on both iPad and iPhone, a very photo-centric approach
=> Well designed ingredient and instruction pages on both iPhone and iPad to make the best use of screen space
=> Share your delicious creations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email or text
=> Save your favourites to refer to later
=> Add ingredients to your shopping list

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