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UnrealReader is the one app for a plurality of possible actions with your files. Is the complex of tools for your books, documents, images, web, media and huge number of other types of files.

With UnrealReader you can more then ever before, wherever you are: at work, in school, in college, on the road or just in your favorite coffee shop – just open the UnrealReader and get the maximum capacity.

Here is an opportunity that can give you the UnrealReader:
# Reader and edit PDF, Text, Images, Web, Code and more other files.
# Search inside files.
# Smart search for the files in folders and manage them.
# Copy files from Mac, PC, Linux and other.
# Copy, Move, Rename, Sort, Create, Archive, Unarchive, Download, Upload, Edit files and folders.
# Download, upload and manage files inside cloud storages like iCloud, DropBox and Box.
# UnrealReader is the only one app in the AppStore with smart share in cloud storages. (You can share one more items with beautiful e-mail template).
# Get and share full info of your images, videos, music, texts, PDFs, office, books and many more files.
# Share files with your Friends.
# Protect app with password.

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