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Jasmine is a full-featured YouTube client for iOS.

# Smooth and responsive interface
# Night theme & dimming support for browsing in low light
# Full support for managing playlists
# Remembers your position when returning to long videos
# Parental Controls to curate content and restrict video discovery (PRO)
# Browse and discover channels
# Post comments and replies
# Aggressive filtering for comment spam and channel promotions
# Supports AirPlay
# Share videos via Twitter & Facebook

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This incredible update includes a new interface that’s more beautiful and intuitive. We’ve added four new background color palettes. Additionally, Vio is now fully optimized for iOS 7 and is free to download and explore. Once you discover how amazing Vio is, you can purchase a bundle of 19 audio presets and 16 more color palettes in Vio’s new in-app store.

Vio pushes vocal processing on the iPhone and iPad to new levels. From futuristic to fuzzy, 8-bit to outer space, Vio’s presets are all waiting to be explored.

Vio’s new interface makes the visual experience of transforming your voice a beautiful one, too. Set the mood using one of Vio’s new color palettes. Then, pinch, drag, swirl and swipe to discover new transformations and shape new sounds.

Whether you’re an award winning crooner or bus stop amateur, Vio’s pitch correction technology ensures that every note is in tune and every melody beautifully harmonized.

Adjustable keys, scales, tempos and more allow you to tailor your presets and define your own sound.

Low, medium and high quality audio formats make it the perfect tool for every situation: time-killing and studio recording alike.

Once that perfect melody has been dropped, turn on Vio’s Looping feature. A double-tap on the screen begins a loop of your recording, leaving you free to focus on shaping your sound with the visualizer.

Easily share your performances and playful voice messages with friends and family via iMessage or text, email, SoundCloud, Dropbox, YouTube and Vimeo.

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PocketCloud® is a secure and fast way to remotely connect to your Mac or Windows desktop with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Access your files, pictures, and applications like Outlook, Word, Photoshop, games or any other program. Simple to install with powerful features, enterprise security, and RDP/VNC compatibility, PocketCloud is a great choice for remote desktop access.

Two Easy Setup Options:
I) Auto Discovery (Recommended): PocketCloud enables easy access to your desktops with minimal setup and no technical know-how. Simply install PocketCloud on your iPad/iPhone and follow the step-by-step instructions.
II) Advanced setup: PocketCloud can also connect directly to machines running RDP or VNC. Simply enter the IP address or hostname to connect.


* Universal Application
=>Your single purchase will work on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

=> OPTIMIZED for iPhone 5 and iPad GUI
=>Advanced high-accuracy Touch Pointer for instant mouse and keyboard control
=>iPad and iPhone 4 native full-resolution and Retina Display support
=>Custom keyboard with function and short-cut keys
=>International keyboard support (e.g. Japanese, German)
=>Multiline text entry with copy/paste capability
=>VGA video out: connect to an external projector (iPad & iPhone 4+ only)

=> BEST Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client on iOS
=>Always up to date with the latest RDP specs from Microsoft (currently RDP version 7.0)
=>Microsoft RD Gateway (TS Gateway) support
=>Best compression, optimized for 3G
=>Audio streaming with four bandwidth modes: Edge, 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and Auto*
=>Enterprise grade security: 128-bit encryption, FIPS and NLA support
=>NLA (Network Level Authentication): The only iOS app that supports CredSSP including NTLM and Kerberos encryption levels
=>Clipboard redirection: Copy/Paste between iOS and Windows

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