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TRAPFALL Adventures App Reviews


Welcome intrepid explorer, the world of TRAP FALL Adventures awaits. Be warned, there are angry gorillas, rolling boulders and other nasty surprises lurking for you. Use helpful equipment like the whip to swing across rivers or your rope ladder to climb up cliffs, or you can even use the yummy Tom Yum Gai Soup of Resurrection to bring yourself back to life.

TRAP FALL Adventures from VAN ZON Games is a puzzle adventure game for everyone that will require you to use your brain and fast reflexes to get you safely through each level. Good luck out there!


# Select one of two different characters to play: Male Adventurer or Female Explorer
# 120 levels in total
# Includes 4 boss levels
# Unlock different environments to explore
# World map to track your progress
# Use of equipment to traverse each level
# Ability to upgrade to advanced equipment
# Helpful consumable items from camouflage paint to helium balloons and Tom Yum Gai Soup of Resurrection.
# Easy to learn and fun to play

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