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Timeline Trip London Review


Do you know… why Henry VIII´s daughter was called Bloody Mary? Which Tudor building survives among the skyscrapers? Who was exhumed to have their head cut off? What inspired Darwin? Or how Londoners slept during the Second World War?

Travel through time and get to know London in a different way. Use GPS and walk the old maps to discover the secrets, legends, characters and stories from different eras of London, the Tudors, the Great Fire, the Victorian Era, World War II or XXI century London. Find out how the city has evolved, where missing buildings were and how others have changed. With more than 600 illustrations of yesterday and today and dozens of interesting stories divided into years and categories about London.

# Written by the best tour guides in the city.
# Button to change the transparency of the maps and see how it has changed.
# Divided into years and categories
# With GPS tracking allows you to locate yourself on the map.
# Translated into English and Spanish

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