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The Relaxation Experience


This relaxation app combines visual, autogenic, and guided image training to produce a captive relaxation experience.

Included is one exercises, with additional exercises available.

The App is a series of 5 independent exercises. It comes with one, “Progressive Relaxation,” with in-app availability of the remaining 4: “Descending Relaxation,” The Relaxation Journey,” Returning home,” and Serenity.

Highlight features include soothing sounds of nature and background music; voice guided imagery, beautiful captivating landscape views and photography.

We know that medications and muscle relaxants to manage stress symptoms can have negative side effects. The Relaxation Experience App is an enjoyable and safe alternative. It relieves anxiety, tension, and sleep problems.

This is an app that will not just sit idly on your phone or ipad. Its one you will love and use daily for gratifying ease and rejuvenation. You’ve got to love this app. It makes a great gift to yourself or for someone else you know can benefit from it.

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