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Cueframe is a quick & simple reminders app, ideal for busy lives

Double tap anywhere to add a note, pinch to resize and swipe it away when you’re done. Add alerts for those things you can’t afford to forget and sync with iOS Calendars to include important upcoming events from your diary

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The First Calendar is a free calendar app designed to help your everyday life.
The First Calendar helps you manage meetings as well as calls and emails.

# Totally free calendar app
# Stunning and effective design
# Fast and easy sidebar to navigate throw days
# Manage meetings and get Maps directions
# Schedule your most important calls
# Handle your emails: precompose your message by setting recipients, subject and body.
# Add notes to your events
# Mark your “done” events with a swipe
# Single day view: never get confused with your events
# Compatible with ical and icloud, real-time synchronization
# Customizable event colors.

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