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Swizzle Review

Swizzle – Create Your Playlist In A New, Interactive Way

Making music is one of the most enjoyable things that people love to do. The beauty comes in when you mix music that flow, having an almost same tune. It brings out a wonderful mix, which also needs a good app, especially if you are using mobile devices. Swizzle is one app that is used to make playlists and it is designed for iOS devices.

Swizzle is a music app that lets you mix and loop your playlists, which will be played on YouTube. The application is basically a music based app that integrates with social networking. It will let you share music with your friends in the easiest way. The playlists that you compose will be played for free, and you will be able to share it with your friends
The app will help you to make Mixtapes, or a complete CD mix, which you can use in special events. With the app, you will be able to categorize the playlist, relating the songs to their theme. The App will also provide you with information on the latest music, in terms of artist and genre.


  • You will build playlists, and include songs from the YouTube music videos that you will search in the app.
  • The app lets you invite friends, and share the playlists that you have created with them.
  • Powered by YouTube, which lets you share your music with your friends on the network.
  • Play continuous and background music on the playlists available.
  • You can also recommend songs on the playlists of your friends.
  • Make new friends. The app will let you meet people that you have a mutual interest with.

How It Works ?
The app will let you create your playlist, according to the theme. For instance, if you want a playlist that is meant for a house party, you will need to create a playlist named House Party. Once the playlist is created, you will then need to add the music for the party, as well as guests and friends.


If you need a playlist for a particular artist, you will need to save the name of the artist as your playlist. You will then add your music gradually as you update the playlist. You might also enjoy any playlist that has been already created by anyone from the hub, and enjoy the music.
This app is a great tool, and what makes it super exclusive is the fact that the app has been designed in relation to the feedback of the customers. So, it has been designed on the basis of the customers’ preferences. It is also elegant on display, and it has a white background, which is sectioned into tabs, that have pink fonts on them.

Get this app for free download here

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Swizzle is a music based social network providing the easiest way to share music among friends. Play all the playlists for free and discover more for every moment that you need playlist.

Have you ever given a mixtape or CD to your friends for anniversary?
Have you ever asked your friends to find suitable songs for rainy day, date driving or house party?
Have you ever felt lack of channel to get information about new genres or artists?

Now, it’s time to change your lifestyle to discover and recommend music with listers all over the world.

Whenever you need music, just ask listers in Swizzle.

Key features :
# Build your own playlists and add songs for your moments via searching YouTube music videos in Swizzle.
# Invite your friends and expand your playlists with them.
# Feel free to enjoy and share music anywhere with Swizzle. They’re all powered by official open sources from YouTube.
# Support continuous play, background play in playlists.
# Meet new people who like same artists or genres. Enjoy their playlist and bring great songs from their playlist to yours.
# Brag your musical taste and knowledge by recommending songs on your friends’ playlist!

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