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The world came to an end as we know it. Cities are abandoned and are burning.Nobody knows what caused that apocalyptic event. All we know is that you should drive as fast as you can from the city. There are a lot of obstaces like burning cars and trucks in your way so try to avoid them.

How to Play:
To avoid burning cars and trucks press with your finger on the left or the right side of the screen.
Car is gaining speed so it will be harder and harder to avoid obstacles in your way. If you hit an obstacle you will die.

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When you travel, do you travel light or pack everything and the kitchen sink? Travel can be delightfully (and frustratingly) unpredictable, but the new Rough Guides Travel Survival Kit helps you prepare for the unexpected. This app covers the essentials of travelling; from a simple trip on holiday, to a remote expedition to the Arctic. It’s a portable, easy-to-follow field guide for when you find yourself, perhaps literally, up the creek with no paddle.

Features include:
=>Extensive content on travel areas and scenarios: Sea, Arctic, Desert, Jungle, Natural Disasters and Danger.
=>Basic preparations for before you travel, including handy survival and medical checklists.
=>Information on safety and how to avoid dangerous situations.
=>Learn useful skills before you travel, or have the instructions handy for unexpected situations.
=>Extensive content on medical emergencies and how to deal with them.
=>A list of emergency numbers for the stranded traveller.
=>Search function to pinpoint the exact content you need.
=>A Favourites tab to save your most useful content pages to.
=>A Personal Details tab which allows you to enter useful information should you lose your passport or credit card, and which includes your medical background.

Rough Guides l

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