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SpinIn is an amazing puzzle game. Most of its puzzles contain no more than three pieces!!!
Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Most of the levels in the game consist of three pieces or less.
We know this may sound strange, but it’s true!

This game has only one rule:
Move the pieces together in one of four directions, just like in the 2048 game,
Until finally you can get the diamond out.

You can choose one of four available controls:
#. Touch control
#. Smart touch
#. Device tilting
#. Inner game tilting.

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Look! Get a load of this! It’s king-size slot machine fun featuring graphics from the golden age of Aviation. It’s big! It’s really big! It’s a gas!
Come along and enjoy the sounds and feels of the big band 40’s with 7 ace levels of payouts! Hot Damn!
Play alone or roll up your flaps and fly high against your Facebook and Twitter friends. Bring it on, big Cheese! Hot diggity dog!
Feeling lucky? Pull the handle, spin the wheel. Yes, It’s free to play, flub the dub and reach for Aireview Slots today!

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