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Smash Animals Fun Animal Game


Smash Animals is an ultra-exiting fun animal game with amazingly exiting illustration and gameplay. This animal games for kids can be also exciting for families to play together. Have fun playing with 32 different cute animals and 72 colorful levels and enjoy this animal game for free.

Simple, fun, but not easy! Try our new cute animal action game for free!
The rules are so easy any kid around the world can master it right away!
Gather food and coins by letting the animal characters fly around in a flash!

This game allows anyone to easily play on 72 challenging levels.
Play casually in your free time and watch your progress!
Train your mind on various levels that require smart thinking.
Have fun gathering all kinds of cute animals, like zebras, hippos, dolphins, rabbits, giraffes, bears, leopards, monkeys, lions and tigers.

How To Play This Animal game for kids

# Select a stage and start playing, just by clicking and releasing the animal character!
Move on to the next stage when you have cleared all the food and coins within the time counter in the upper-right corner!
You can collect more cute animal characters with the coins you won in the game!
You can then use all the different animal characters you have collected!
Sometimes you can see a coin bonus button for watching short videos!
The game is over when the counter reaches 0 or you touch the thorns.
Key is to use the bouncing from the walls and screen edges smartly!
Compete with your friends, comparing your scores on the leader board!
Show your friends your achievements and finished stage shots with the sharing function!

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