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Motorsport Manager is the most realistic motor-racing management game available.

# This is your racing team. Hire drivers, develop your car and invest in technology.
# Work with your drivers to achieve the perfect qualifying lap.
# Formulate the ideal pitstop strategy to win races.
# Watch the race in real-time or jump into the strategy screens to take control of the action.
# React to weather changes, crashes and safety car periods.
# Win championships across the world to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.


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Become a touring superstar in a brand new game that gives you real world prizes!
Record albums, book tours, and build a fan base to make it big in this real life music simulation game. Answer the same questions real bands have to ask: Should you record a full-length album or an EP? Do you make a deal with a big-time studio, or stay independent? When should you get a manager, an agent? The choices you make are real, and every decision has positive or negative effect on your career as an artist.
Play to win exclusive opportunities to interact with your favorite artists with free tickets to your favorite shows, backstage meet and greets, merchandise and more.

# Design a custom 3D avatar to match your music style and fashion
# Record albums and release them to boost your fame
# Play mini-games as you travel the country, helping to keep your music muscles in tune and your shows in high gear
# Build a band. Get advice from managers, agents and labels
# Enter to win real-life tickets to your favorite shows, artist meet and greets, merchandise and more!

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**Optimized For iPhone 4S and up – Older Devices Not Recommended**

# No controls
# Automatic save
# Audio on/off switch
# Time moves forward
# Things grow and things die
# Nature expresses itself

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