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Crazy Tile Drop – FREE, Easy to Play, Difficult to Put Down!

Challenge your friends on GAME CENTRE.

Sometimes the simple things are the best and Crazy Tile Drop is just that.


“Classic” – Touch the falling black tiles to remove them as they fall at ever increasing speeds. Avoid the grey tiles or it’s GAME OVER!

“Colour Match” – Touch 2 tiles of the same colour to remove them as they fall at ever increasing speeds. Don’t let the tiles reach the top!

“Combo” – A combination of “Classic” and “Colour Match” modes.
How quick are your fingers and how long will you last?

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100 seconds.
In this seemingly short time Germanium will utterly destroy every bit of gamer pride in you.
With an alarming record of only being cleared twice during pre-release testing, Germanium stands on the edge of impossibility.
With simple tilt controls and basic graphics, Germanium looks and is exceedingly simple.
Even so, only the very elite 1% of gamers ever make it to the end.
What level of gamer are you?
Find out in the next 100 seconds…

Germanium  logo
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Step up to the plate in Wil & Shelby’s Baseball Battle and take on the world in classic pitcher-vs-batter duels. Hit and pitch with ease using intuitive multi-touch controls. Earn points to increase your power, accuracy and intuition with each victory. Featuring input from 2013 Rookie of the Year Wil Myers and St. Louis ace Shelby Miller, the battle for baseball supremacy is on!

Sign in with Facebook and challenge your friends to duel or battle random players across the globe. Hit multipliers across the field and strikeout foes to accrue crucial points to earn that W.

Use a variety of power-ups to baffle batters and make pitchers pay.

Give your player a unique style with over 100 equipment and clothing items at your disposal. Mix and match uniforms, hats and shoes to boost your attributes and create an all-star athlete that’s out of this world.

Build your stadium from the ground up. From lighting to seating to scoreboards, you’re in charge of the look of your arena.

Refine your hitting and pitching skills in the training ground. Even better, earn coins while you’re at it.

Game Overview
# Equip a variety of bats and gloves to improve your stats
# From pirates to astronauts, become a real character with hundreds of customization combinations
# Show your civic pride with over 25 authentic city skylines for your stadium
# Sign in with Facebook to challenge your friends and sync your save data across all your iOS devices
# Earn achievements and climb the leaderboards with Game Cente


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Get ready for a colorful game, which is incredibly addictive, simple and fun!
Tap the screen if the colors match. The color change starts out simple, but will progress until your brain is really put to the test. Try to keep your mind sharp, and last as long as you can to improve your highscore.
Collect stars and power ups to increase your score, but watch out for the power downs, because they might knock you down!

The minimalistic design and simple gameplay, provides an awesome experience. Find out if your mind can keep up with your fingers. Experience the fun of a challenging, yet simple gameplay.

# Tap the big color bar that is changing color when it matches with the bar above to score points.
# If a power up appears, match the bars to collect it.
# To use the Magnet power up, shake your device to activate it.


# Simple gameplay
# Incredibly fun and addictive
# Collect stars and Power ups
# Beautiful design and minimalistic graphics
# Challenge your friends with leaderboards and see whose mind is the fastest..Think     

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Are you looking for a real challenge? Angularis requires perfect concentration, timing and skill!
Connect the appearing lightbeams with the players edge of the same color to make the bond!
Can you align enough beams to unlock Hexagon and Octagon mode?

# Outstanding colorful glow effects
# Challenging gameplay in harmony with sound and music
# Challenge your friends on GameCenter

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Math done simply.

Sumhold instantly calculates and stores numbers with a streamlined interface and a simple swipe gesture. Need to remember a number? Just swipe it down to the number pad to save it as a button.

Sumhold also keeps track of long calculations in an easy-to-read line. It shows a running total and eliminates confusing buttons present on other calculators.

# Swipe to Remember
# Running Total
# Tracks long calculations
# Automatic parentheses for redability
# Copy/Paste Support

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