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ContactsTap is a superb contacts management application. It is fast and intuitive and contains many features that enable you to easily organise your contacts.
It uses contacts from your iPhone address book so there is no need for any additional importing or syncing.
All data added in ContactsTap (contacts, native groups etc..) will be automatically synced when you sync your device.

ContactsTap contains three apps in one.
# Powerful Contacts management features which are unique in the App Store.
# Contacts Backup and Import features that can do anything that any of the standalone backup apps on the App Store can do.
# Delete multiple contacts at once.

With this application you will be able to manage your contacts quickly and easily. Create groups so you can access certain contacts faster. Use Copy, Cut and Paste features on existing contacts and merge or replace its data with another contact or even paste it to a completely new contact. This way you will be able to edit your contacts easier and faster (long tap on certain lists such as contacts list, favourites or tags will show context menu).
To access certain contacts faster you can label them as favourites or tag them and then access them directly from the main contacts list with one tap. You can even bookmark the search for contacts and create groups from the search results.
Using Search option you can search and filter contacts in multiple ways to find what you are looking for. To find information even faster we have added multiple virtual groups which group the contacts automatically for you, for example by Company name, Country, City, Post code, or Groups without phone number or email and many many more.
With Backup features you will be able to backup contacts into VCard format or to export them to CSV format. You can import them and the application will automatically sort potential duplicates. You can open backup files and show its content and just import contact you need.
You can use Share option to share selected contact using AirDrop, Mail or Message.
Use Delete mode feature to quickly delete one or many contacts (even all if you want).

There are yet more options, all of which have been designed to make organising your contacts a joy.

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Download Now on ($1.99) App Store


After almost two years of hard work, Air Video HD is here! Written from the ground up. What’s new?

# Offline mode; Not just any file download, Air Video HD will convert the movie as it’s being downloaded. No time wasted.

#  State of the art conversion pipeline. We take our transcoding seriously. Support for soft subtitles, H.264 passthrough for your HD videos and surround sound on Apple TV will let you enjoy your media the way it is supposed to be.

# History. Quickly navigate between previously visited folders previous files. See which videos have already been played. Did we mention that history (and all settings) can be synchronized between your devices?

# Beautiful user interface with grid view on iPad. We know our users spend lot of time using the application so we made sure the entire experience is as polished as possible.

# Many other features waiting for you to explore


Get more of your video library on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Air Video HD is a great solution to watch your AVI, DivX, MKV and other videos.

* Video Streaming *

Don’t synchronize your videos, watch them over air! Suddenly the capacity of your devices is infinite! You can stream over local network and over internet (some router configuration might be necessary for internet streaming)

* Video Download *

Going somewhere without internet access? Air Video HD will give you the easiest way to get your videos to device. Simply browse to your video and press download. That’s it.

# Note that Air Video HD will not play DRM protected videos. All video content purchased through iTunes includes DRM. Video podcast content is free and does not include DRM protection.

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Download Now on ($2.99)App Store