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Find restaurants and hotels you’ll love, anywhere. Nara delivers personal recommendations to you by pairing its in-depth knowledge with your tastes. Over half a million North American and European restaurants and hotels live on Nara’s neural network, but Nara makes it easy to start finding the ones you’ll savor–be they around the corner or a plane ride away.

Nara uses next-generation artificial intelligence to analyze millions of restaurant and hotel reviews and descriptions and uncover connections between places.

Nara learns about your preferences as you thumb places up or down.

Nara uses its knowledge about places and your tastes to delivers personal recommendations in any city, as well as all the info you’ll need to decide on and get to your destination.

=>Receive personal restaurant and hotel recommendations in your current location or in thousands of other cities.
=>Thumb places you know up or down to hone your taste profile.
=>Discover restaurants and hotels similar to those you know.
=>Learn why Nara makes particular recommendations for you.
=>Combine tastes with those of your friends to find restaurants to enjoy together.
=>Pin restaurants and hotels to save them for later.
=>View friends’ thumbs and pins to see how your tastes align.
=>Browse recommendations as you like–tile-style, in a list, on a map or in a beautiful carousel.
=>View menus, tips, and more for restaurants; view amenities and more for hotels.
=>Reserve a seat through OpenTable.
=>Order a meal through GrubHub.
=>Get there with Uber.
=>Login to Nara.me on the web to book hotels you’ll love.

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=>Taste Savant is a restaurant discovery app for the savvy diner. We help you decide where to eat next by curating the best restaurants and featuring reviews from trusted sources like Critics, Chefs, Bloggers, and Your Friends.

=>We are a one stop shop where you can find a restaurant, read credible reviews, view a menu, book a table on Open Table, order delivery through GrubHub Seamless, and manage your own Blackbook of favorite restaurants.

=>The app is geo enabled so you can search for restaurants closest to you when you’re on the go. And if you want to connect with your friends on the app, you can log in with Facebook or Twitter and see where your friends are eating.

=>Get searching now for the best restaurants!

=>Taste Savant is now live in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston.

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