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Improving our concentration is very much important as it is a key to success. This can be achieved while playing the game and one such app is Reflex. This game is available at Google Play for Android. After playing this game, I just thought to share my views here.

The game is very simple to play and very easy to understand. A player needs to hit the green light within the given time limit. Mind it sure that green light will be continuously moving from one point to another. So you must be alert and keep your presence of mind active.


  • User friendly graphics
  • Leaderboard
  • Fast responsive game
  • Different levels
  • Different kind of boards
  • Infinite mode and reflex mode
  • Store option to purchase items

Last words:

Reflex is one of the best games to pass the spare time and also very good platform to improve your concentration. It’s better to have brain workout rather than wasting a time on other stuff. So I would like to recommend this game to everyone.






The Brand NEW Monster Head is a Casual but Frantically-Fun Donut-Eating Experience!

# Simply Tap the Donuts to Feed the Monster!
# Tap and Use Powerful Items to Lap up Several Donuts at once or Conquer Dangerous Obstacles!
# Create Combos to Fill the Meter and Level Up!
# After Every 10 Levels, Charge Up and Enter Gold Mode for Extra Points and Coins!
# Avoid Poisonous Vials, Tongue-Burning Coffee and Explosive Bottle Bombs!
# Don’t let the Hunger Meter Drop to Zero or the Monster Dies!
# The Most Irresistibly Adorable Monster on the App Store!


# Hundreds of Levels and Hours of Gameplay
# Hidden Score Combinations and Achievements
# Thousands of Extra Points and Bonus Coins Every 10 Levels
# Global Leaderboards for High Score, Highest Level and All-Time Donuts
# Rare and Powerful Items
# Colorful, Comical Graphics and Animations
# 60 Frames Per Second of Pure Donut-Eating Madness!
# Easy to Pick Up but Hard to Put Down
# Pause your Game and Resume Any Time
# Intuitive Tutorial and Help System

Monster Head logog
Download Now on ($1.99) App Store


PlanetHD is a journey of your own planet through space which encounters the attack of asteroids and the space debris present in space.

You as player, get the control to drive your Planet and save it from space-bodies. During your spacial journey, you also meet other Planets which you can orbit around by touching them. These Planets give you a protection ring that prevents your Planet from the direct hit.

Planet – a graphical journey through space!

– No advertisement or InApp-Purchase
– Unlock achievements in Game Center and compete in one overall highscore
– Universal app (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

A unique visual style game with colorful and musical gameplay experience. Razor Sharp – High definition content and multiple sound tracks for creating amazing experience on your iphone or ipad. Planet is a casual-simulation game that has multiple level with various complexity.

Game Center Enabled to challenge friends, accomplishing achievements and leaderboards.

Multiple background sounds tracks.


# High Definition Graphics
# Multiple sound tracks
# Several game themes
# Game Center : Achievements
# Game Center : Leaderboard
# Game Center : Challenges

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Download Now on ($1.99) App Store


Get Ready to Cubama – an exhilarating and endless 3D reflex game with a twist!

Cubama is a game that requires you to manipulate a moving 3D-shaped piece, by tapping on your screen to get it through the opening of an oncoming wall. While the game is simple, it gets challenging as a new block gets added to your piece at each milestone and travels at an increasingly faster speed. With each wall crossed, you gain one point. Hit the wall and its back to wall one for you!

Cubama requires concentration and most importantly good reflexes as you pivot your growing block!

# Journey your way through endless obstacles in a challenging game that is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster!

# Brag your high score on Facebook for all your friends to see

# Keep an eye out for the competition by checking your friends’ bragged scores displayed on the farthest wall they’ve reached

# Enjoy travelling through a tron-esque game environment

# Enjoy original Game Cooks music, which picks up and goes faster as you progress in the game.

Only your Cubama skills can dictate your score. Are you up for the challenge?

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