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**Research shows that social support is crucial in recovery and survival of patients with life threatening conditions.**

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Death, often leave us dejected, scared and alone. But they don’t have to, for there is a live community waiting to embrace us. A family of friends that shares our struggles, offers advice on our questions and empowers us to be stronger. Together, we form the support system we were missing. All we have to do is Reachout…


# Dedicated support platform for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Death.

# Ask questions, share experiences, offer opinions and get feedback on difficult situations.

# Use “My Story” section to share our journey. Telling people about our struggles encourages them to support us in ways we would never imagine.

# Be it for us or our family/friends/spouse, the challenges are equally tough and the support needed equally important.

# Feel empowered by helping others in this live community.

# Easily save discussions and get instant notifications of new comments.

# Gain support, strength and friendships to last a lifetime.

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