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TRUpuzzlE is a game for those who like racking their brains over passing seemingly a simple level. And then, Having passed, you feel completely satisfied.
On the playing field of TRUpuzzlE there are groups of green pieces of several colors. The player’s task comes to moving the green group of pieces into a specified location. In fact, it’s not easy, you will have to make up Multi-steps combinations trying to remove unnecessary pieces from you path.
Visually the game looks really attractive – it is developed in steam-punk style. TRUpuzzlE provides several Dozens of levels and the application is universal.
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Make use of your preschool math skills. Counting, addition, and subtraction are all the skills you need to solve The increasingly difficult number puzzles in this casual game.
After successfully pass all the levels, you can make your own levels to challenge your friends and play the Levels They made.

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Are You ready to unlimited battle, with tons of monsters and creatures?
Sikagami is unlimited RPG-Puzzle game, with up to 999 player levels, 5 locations with different difficulty and over 30 types of enemies! And of course there is a multiplayer, so you can take your friend or find somebody over the internet and beat heam in turn based PvP!

– 999 player levels. You will be real legend!
– 5 locations with different types of enemies. Explore them all!
– Over 30 types of enemies. Every enemy has his special ability!
– 9 player skills. Create Your personal Hero!
– 9 player classes. Choose who You are!

– Turn based PvP multiplayer. Beat Your friend in turn based puzzle mode!
– 11 leaderboards. Show the world who is the best!
– 30 great achievements.

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UMAI! is a tasty sushi puzzle game.

Chain sushi together to get combos and a high score – and try to avoid the poisonous ones, they don’t taste very good. The rainbow ones, however, are quite delicious.


# 32×48 pixels of glorious lowres graphics.
# Six delicious sushi & a bad one.
# An ultra-flexible 12-way-tongue.
# Five different characters to choose from.
# Integrated local and world leaderboards.
# Tasty tunes by Acacio Ortas from France.

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Are you the best crafter in Elfenland? Help the elf by combining, rotating, moving and stacking iron ore to create the magical demonium. Put your crafting skills to the test, set a new highscore and compete against your friends in the Weekly Tournament.


For centuries, the story has been told of the most precious and rarest of all ores in Elfenland: magical demonium. So far, nobody has been able to forge the rare metal. Rise to the challenge – be the first to craft the magical ore and discover the ultimate secret of the elves!


Use your device’s tilt function to move stones or remove troublesome stones with magical spells. Use your skills and wit to craft increasingly valuable metals from the base ore and discover the secret of demonium. The best crafter will not only get their rightful place on the throne, but also the glory and honor of the highscore.


Play the Weekly Tournament FOR FREE! By linking Elfcraft to your Facebook account, you can play against your Facebook friends in a weekly tournament. Craft your way to the top of the rankings and unlock all achievements.


# Tilt function –>Tilt your device to move stones and craft new elements
# Tournament mode –> Link Elfcraft to your Facebook account and challenge your friends to a tournament
# New elements –> Use your skills to combine, stack and move stones and create new magical elements
# New rewards –>Unlock valuable rewards by achieving certain objectives in the game

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