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Quick presentation is fully offline presentation software that allows you to create an unlimited Presentation without any restriction. Provide an outstanding collection of templates to easily create an Amazing visual experience.

Main Features:
# Full offline support
# Awesome new graphics.
# professionally designed free presentation templates
# Bring your presentations alive with video and audio features.
# Add/Edit or erase unlimited presentation.
# Build multiple page in presentation.
# Export presentation through Email, iTunes, Dropbox as PDF and Image.
# Fast presentation creation using Drag & Drop editor
# WYSISYG support
# Choose sizes and styles from font library.
# Pick colors for fonts.
# Audio ,video multimedia support

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Have you ever wanted to set a group picture or horizontal photo as your wallpaper background? Now you can!

Set full photos as your wallpaper or background. Even set horizontal ones! The App uses an in-app Parallax feature that allows you to see exactly what your wallpaper will look like so you can better create a new lock screen or wallpaper!

Don’t you hate when you try and set a photo as your wallpaper and it zooms the photo in and cuts off a good portion of the photo, or if you try to set a horizontal photo, it pretty much does not show any of the photo!? #NoZoom solves this problem!

# Choose your photo by clicking the + button

# Adjust the size, the position, and the rotation of the photo (Use our Locking Elements Technology for a more precise edit)

# Choose one of our beautiful backgrounds to complement your beautiful wallpaper

# Preview the wallpaper with the parallax effect before you save it

# Save it to your gallery and set it as your wallpaper

# Enjoy looking at your full, non-zoomed/cropped photo every time you unlock your phone!

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