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LaunchCode Shortcut with Notification Center App

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LaunchCode allows you to draw custom symbols to launch apps and actions. It is an essential all in one home screen app launcher and multi-purpose utility widget to make your life 100% easier.

It’s a one touch solution that you need to accomplish unlimited tasks on your phone quickly. With a flick of the wrist or a single touch you can launch apps, call mom, text your friends, jump to your favorite artist on Spotify, email your boss, go to your favorite website, and much more; you’re only limited by your imagination.

Key Features:

# Quickly launch actions, apps and websites in one touch
# Call, Text, Email, FaceTime, Skype your contacts
# Create Emails and Messages
# Search Wikipedia
# Scan and search with Amazon barcode Scanner
# Launch your favorite websites
# Speed dial a contact
# Automatically share content on Facebook and Twitter
# Organize and add contacts
# Add new events and appointments on your calendar
# Map routes to your favorite places, like home or work
# Set and control your iPhone screen brightness
# And a whole lot more!!! Be more productive

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