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Best aerial combat game of the year .
A massive attack on their cities and way of life, brought the western civilization to join forces and defeat darkness once and for all.

It is up to you, and your war machines, to fight back, and eliminate the threat once and for all.

Features :
# Amazing graphics
# Cool Sound effects
# Endless fun

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Amazing Pillar is not just another amazing game. Remember your childwhen you were trying to stack building blocks to make a tower as high as possible? You would put on one top of each other perfecter and higher but the pile would start wobbling until it inevitably crashedNow you have got another chance to prove your abilitthe perfect moment to drop the bricks for ultimate stabilpile them as high as possible and you‘ll find out whetyou…


# Animated graphics

# Smoke effect

# Milestones

# Changing theme colors

# Game Center Leaderboard

# Social sharing: Twitter, Facebook, Email


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