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Tower Math™ makes practicing arithmetic fun! Free the numbers with your magic towers in this action packed, 3D game!

The numbers have been turned into monsters by an evil wizard! As you add, subtract, multiply and divide, you build towers with magic powers that can free the numbers. You can also use your math skills to earn special powers like the Freeze Ray and Magic Rain.

You earn a bronze, silver or gold medal for every successfully completed level. Your game progress and medals are all saved under your player profile. Up to 5 player profiles can be created.

▸ Addition
▸ Subtraction
▸ Multiplication
▸ Division

=> A full-featured tower defense game
=> Beautiful 3D graphics
=> 20 unique scenes
=> Create up to five player profiles
=> Earn medals for each level
=> Fun sound effects and music
=> iPhone 5 and iPad Retina Display support
=> Works on both iPhone and iPad – a universal app

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