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Seek the Sanga!

Sanga is a free 2 player puzzle game that is actually played on a 3D board! Connect 3 in a row to achieve Sanga. However, what makes Sanga unique is that there are TWO ways to connect, either via color or shape. Use special power ups to add even more challenge to this amazing game.

Join the masses and discover why Sanga is unlike any other puzzle games you’ve played!

Challenge a friend, on or offline, in Multiplayer Mode.

Play against the clock in an unique 1-player Puzzle Mode. (See your high scores on the leader board.)

How to play?

In Multiplayer Mode, the first player (determined randomly) taps a piece from their “hand” and then taps the location on the Qoob to place the piece. The play then alternates between first and second player until the win condition is met.

In Puzzle Mode (1 player only), the goal is for the player to achieve the highest point value possible by placing pieces on the Qoob without getting Sanga. The faster a piece is placed, the higher the point value. The game ends when a Sanga is achieved.

Read more on the FAQ http://tinyurl.com/lsumzb4

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Are You ready to unlimited battle, with tons of monsters and creatures?
Sikagami is unlimited RPG-Puzzle game, with up to 999 player levels, 5 locations with different difficulty and over 30 types of enemies! And of course there is a multiplayer, so you can take your friend or find somebody over the internet and beat heam in turn based PvP!

– 999 player levels. You will be real legend!
– 5 locations with different types of enemies. Explore them all!
– Over 30 types of enemies. Every enemy has his special ability!
– 9 player skills. Create Your personal Hero!
– 9 player classes. Choose who You are!

– Turn based PvP multiplayer. Beat Your friend in turn based puzzle mode!
– 11 leaderboards. Show the world who is the best!
– 30 great achievements.

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