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Struggling to choose the right wine for a meal, mood or moment? Love wine, but baffled by the Choice available? Say hello to Grapeful, a fun app that considers your tastes and matches them to Wines most suited to your palate, and much more. Spend less time choosing the wine and more time Savouring it – Grapeful is truly a sommelier in your pocket!

With Grapeful at your fingertips you can:

# Tell the app what you’re eating and it will suggest a suitable wine style
# Browse wine lists of certain restaurants
# Explore wines by retailer, country, style and occasion
# Introduce an element of adventure and surprise beyond your usual wine selection
# Browse geeky wine facts to impress your date or dining companions with
# Access great offers from a selection of our favourite retailers

Also look out for our weekly ‘Through the Grapevine’ blog, where we’ll regularly recommend wines That are well worth trying.

If you’re a wine lover who knows what you like when you taste it, but you don’t have an extensive Wine database conveniently stored in your head, don’t despair. Wine should be a joy to drink, and With Grapeful to help inform your choice, you can be sure it will be.

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Every day thousands of people come together on Shindig to drink. Here’s to a world with a little more fun.

Why use Shindig:

1) Join thousands of drink explorers that share what they drink and recommend local brands.

2) Discover awesome new drinks from friends and tastemakers you like.

3) Never miss a party. Keep up with friends and join a fun, quirky community of drinkers.

Keep a handy, beautiful journal of all the drinks you try. Our database has thousands of beers, wines and spirits with Shindig’s community members adding drinks everyday.

Snap a photo, add a filter and share what you’re drinking with friends. Learn more about what you’re drinking by accessing a community for each drink with photos, taste tags and reviews.

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