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Cyclus Featured App


Cyclus is an arcade game for mobile devices.

Touch the screen and shoot all the semicircles.

Cyclus puts you to the test with 100 challenging levels. The main goal is to shoot all the semicircles in each level with the cursor in the centre of the screen and in doing so you must avoid obstacles such as triangles and squares, when they appear.

Reflexes and timing are crucial.
In arcade mode the main goal is the same as in normal mode, but this time you must shoot the semicircles on the screen till you miss, in which case “GAME OVER” will appear.

You’ll need the skills of a sniper to collect as many coins without making a mistake.

In Cyclus there are many ways to earn coins:

DAILY ACCESS – The best and fastest way to earn coins in Cyclus is by opening the app day by day. For every day you access the game, we’ll reward you with a daily bonus. The bonus will grow steadily if you open the app for 7 consecutive days.

IN-GAME REWARDS – During gameplay, occasionally you will be rewarded with a coin.

SECRET BONUS LEVELS – In Cyclus there are some “secret bonus levels”, that will allow you to earn a coin for every semicircle you shoot. Be sure to find all the secret levels.

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