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NEW! Get the current outside temperature without even opening the app! Climate Clock intelligently shows the current temperature as your app icon’s badge, automatically updated every hour or more.

Looks are nothing without data. Climate Clock uses world-class Best Forecast™ by Weather Underground.

Try out Climate Clock and tell me what you think, I’d love to hear from you.

More Notes:

# Gestural swipe up for 10 day forecast
# Swipe left for locations and settings
# Up to 8 locations or cities/world times
# Dozens of hand-designed backgrounds that become dark or light and change with the weather, time of day, and during sunset & sunrise
# Precipitation (rain or snow) percentage with just a tap
# Current temperature on your home screen with your app icon’s badge
# Fahrenheit or Celsius
# Stunning, premium design with simplicity
# Optimized for iPhone 5, 4, and 4S (Retina Displays)

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With Night Stand HD Pro, we’ve taken our bestselling hit for iPhone and the groundbreaking iPad version and rolled them into a single Universal app. With a stunning new NINTH clock theme, powerful new stopwatch, support for background alarms in iOS 4 and exclusive Retina Display optimization for iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4G, Night Stand version 1.5 is the best, most feature-complete time utility on the App Store.

Features We’ve Packed In:

# Universal App: Night Stand is now Universal. Download once and use Night Stand on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. We know you love the app, now you’ll love it on all your iOS devices.
# iPhone 4 Support: We’re as mesmerized by iPhone 4’s Retina Display as you, so we went ahead and redrew every pixel of the app to look even better on the new iPhone (and iPod touch).
# New Clock: Nixie — We slaved over this like you wouldn’t believe. This specially handcrafted, pixel perfect, continuously, subtly animated clock will blow you away. [iPad only.]
# New Feature: Stopwatch — With version v1.5 we’ve added this much-requested feature: a fully featured, gorgeously illustrated stopwatch unlike any other.
# 9 Stunning Clocks: Spoonjuice is passionate about pixels, and we’ve handcrafted 9 delicious clocks for your iPad, iPhone or iPhone 4. No one’s clocks look this good, on any device.
# Multiple Alarms with Background Capabilities: Night Stand is a true alarm app. Set as many alarms as you like. With iOS 4.0 on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 (and iPod touch 4G), they’ll work in the background so you no longer have to keep the app running all the time.
# iPod Integration: Want to wake up to your own music? No problem. Simply select a track from your iPod music library as your alarm tone. Just a few taps and you’re set.
# Weather Information: Night Stand can now discreetly display your local weather information right on the clock screen. Just set the location and you’re done.
# World Clock for iPhone: You loved it on iPad, and demanded it on iPhone, and here it is. iPhone now features the most beautiful World Clock on the App Store, too.
# Custom Color for LCD: We’ve taken the standard, 3-color LCD clock screen and given you the power to create your own colors. Got a thing for hot neon orange? Now’s your chance.

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Enjoy a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with global weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world. View live global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms. Explore and experience amazing weather dynamics on our planet with real-time 3D weather maps and typhoon and hurricane tracking. Living Earth is the best and most beautiful World Clock, Weather and Alarm available for your iPhone and iPad!

One purchase for all devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

# Live clouds from near real-time satellite cloud data – updated every 3 hours. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms around the world.
# Live 3d weather maps of temperature, humidity, wind and forecasts. Explore and view our planet in completely new detail!
# World clock, weather and extended forecast for millions of cities around the world with 7 day and 2-hour forecasts.
# Tropical cyclone notifications. Receive push notifications of new tropical cyclones and updates on current storm systems.
# Home Screen temperature icon. The real-time temperature for your location can be displayed on your Home Screen icon.
# Observe sunrise and sunset borders around the world live as they are happening. Watch the day and night shadow line progress across the globe through the day.
# Sunrise and Sunset times for each city.
# Rayleigh atmospheric scattering calculations for photorealistic atmospheric simulation.
# Observe the changing seasons throughout the year. View snow and ice coverage as well as other seasonal changes on our globe.
# High resolution live 3D simulation. Optimized for the iPhone Retina display and the new iPad.
# Alarm Clock with music playlist. Wake up to a stunning view of the planet with your favorite music!
# iCloud city syncing with Living Earth App for Mac.

Quality detailed weather information is provided by Weather Underground the most reliable, accurate weather information available!

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This is a mechanical digital clock for enjoying your time.
Have a good relaxed time with mechaclock.

* Situation
# While studying and working, do not you put a warm clock ?
# During battery charging, change iPhone to a table clock. Various stands are recommended.

* Function
#12/24 hour format
#1 Vertical and 2 horizontal modes
#Show/Hide seconds
#Show/Hide battery
#Sound ON/OFF
#Brightness adjustable (iOS5-)
#Whiteness adjustable
# Batterycharge state indication

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