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Check List++


“Well-organized to be more productive in your daily life”. This app is going help you get your highest productive people as possible.

Life is messy if you don’t organize it effectively. Check List++ is to provide all necessary functionality of a check list to solve your current issues; it will help to organize and manage your task/todo easily and fast in an intuitive way. You will never forget what to do any more with this real professional checklist.

Key Features:
Effective, Fast, Easy, Intuitive, Beauty, Simplicity and Smoothly
Fast data entry, you can quickly create your checklist in seconds. We include the world fastest way to create a long checklist
Check list items are grouped by page for All Items, In-Progress and Completed, so you can easily work with group of items you would like to work with
Copy/Move checklist items between lists, organizing your list cannot be easier.
Easily group your lists to categorize them. There are many built-in labels for many purposes that you can leverage
Filter your lists by group
Email your checklist to yourself or friends
Text your checklist to yourself or friends
Quickly Check or Un-Check all items in your list
Able to make a copy of a list quickly (Duplicate a list)
Able to import checklist from Phone Clipboard
Set reminder for a checklist
Able to E-mail your List Items
Able to Message your List Items
Able to Share your List instantly
#Able to sort the List alphabetically

#Able to sort the List Items alphabetically

#Easily backup and restore your whole data

#Summary information is always in front of you at every screen

#Full iOS9 supported

#Full iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6+ supported


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