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We often forget to or don’t have the time to manage contact details properly. Meet Budnav: Your Smart Phone Book that secures all your contacts and updates them automatically.

This is how it works: in Budnav you create a profile based on your own contact information. Budnav recognizes if others from your phone book are also using Budnav. This makes it easy for you to connect with them. Once they have accepted your invitation to connect, their self-managed profiles will be stored in your smart phone and updated automatically any time contact details are changed. The result: contact information that is complete, automatically backed-up, and up-to-date at all times.

You can create a separate business profile, in case you’d rather not share personal contact information. You fully control who gets to see which of your contact details.

You can even join or create online groups! This makes Budnav the ideal tool for families, teams, projects, and businesses. You’ll be able to email, message and locate group members instantly.

Finally, your Budnav contacts are positioned on a map. At one glance, you’ll see where your friends live and where your business partners are located. Your smart phone can even navigate you to that particular address, without you having to search for it first or enter the details into your navigational system.

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