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    This awesome and challenging game is simply a MUST to try.

    ‘I did it’ is an elegant game and is what you´ll shout whenever you complete one of the tougher levels.

    How to play

    The game seems pretty simple. It’s kind of a mash up between Pong and Break Out, but much more advanced.
    Your goal is to knock out every white circle with a ball.
    By drawing lines you can simply create a new wall for the ball to hit and change its direction.

    ### It sounds easy, but I can assure you that it will be very tricky ###

    What’s included in this awesome game?

    # 75 incredibly elegant levels
    # Each level is handcrafted for perfection
    # The levels are individually adapted to each different screen size, making the levels look marvelous on all devices
    # Many hours of super-fun gameplay
    # Smooth animations with ambient sound effects
    # iClould will synchronize the gameplay to all your devices
    # Challenge all of your friends through Game Center
    # You will learn much more about angles :)

    I did it  logoDownload Now on (Free)  App Store