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Beauty NOWs! aggregates the latest on beauty and cosmetics from the web’s best sources. The unique sub-category band with user-definable keywords enables you to easily create your own article lists.

Eight keywords can be user-defined and will appear in the sub-category band for easy access to your article lists. Keywords can be re-arranged by importance and modified at any time. A variety of sharing options make posts to social media a breeze!

Passionate about skin and hair care, makeup and beauty? Never miss the latest tip with Beauty NOWs!

* * * Instructions for Adding Articles to the Favorites List * * *

To add an article to your Favorites, swipe left on any article and press the “Add to Favorites” button.

To delete an article from your Favorites, swipe left on a flagged article and press the “Delete from Favorites” button.

You can browse through the ten most recent articles on your Apple Watch and add them to your Favorites for later reading. Simply tap on a headline and the article is automatically added to your Beauty NOWs! app on your paired iPhone.

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