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This is a must have app. 100% free!
Play & sing with friends from all over the world.
Join a user recording – jam or sing along with them and offer your channel to their song, or – open a new stage and have the world join you!

Now available with a fully amplified studio in your iPhone!
Record together with friends using only your IPhone or use
external adapters for MIDI quality recording.

PanStage is a social recording app that lets you create a music piece with the world. Choose who joins your recording. Play it, change it or decide it’s ready and share it anywhere!

Now you can record music with anyone using the app or invite a friend to play with you!

If you love to play any musical instrument or sing, PanStage is definitely the app for you!

Compose a real original musical piece with different worldly players and singers.
We offer a world of opportunity for your music.
So create. Inspire!

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Look! Get a load of this! It’s king-size slot machine fun featuring graphics from the golden age of Aviation. It’s big! It’s really big! It’s a gas!
Come along and enjoy the sounds and feels of the big band 40’s with 7 ace levels of payouts! Hot Damn!
Play alone or roll up your flaps and fly high against your Facebook and Twitter friends. Bring it on, big Cheese! Hot diggity dog!
Feeling lucky? Pull the handle, spin the wheel. Yes, It’s free to play, flub the dub and reach for Aireview Slots today!

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