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Ballistic Defence


Ballistic Defence is a retro style arcade game, similar to games you may have found back in the 80’s. The objective of the game is to protect cities and to survive a barrage of missile attacks.

This action shooter will have you undergo wave after wave of ballistic attacks. The missiles are bound for the surrounding cities which you must protect at all costs. With each new wave of missiles comes an increase in difficulty. Eventually they are going to destroy you, but how long can you survive?

As the game progresses the attacks become thicker, faster, and more intense. Look out for the smart missiles which will try to avoid your defensive measures by avoiding your targets and if you’re looking for a big score shoot down the passing fighter planes that pass by from time to time.

Ballistic Defence will give you:

# A Retro style arcade shooter with old school visuals

# Old school chip like music

# A progressively more difficult experience

# An easy to control game needing only one finger touches to operate

Get defending and have fun!