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Saves car location automatically in the background using Bluetooth. Hurry up and try what’s probably the cheapest “internet enabling” upgrade ever for your car!

Beep-beep where’s the car? Never again wander around a parking lot pressing your car key beeper (along with everyone else doing the same thing… ).

Now, with a few touches on your iPhone (or Apple Watch) you’ll find your car in an instant!

# Locate where your car is parked automatically using a healthy mix of Bluetooth, cables, sensors, and iPhone magic! This is a unique feature in the iTunes App Store.

# It can support automatic tweeting that you have parked and whether to include whole or partial address

# Setup parking rules such as alternate side or street cleaning for different streets and have the app automatically remind you if the car is parked with a matching rule. How much was your last ticket?

# Export your parking history as CSV file for business or e.g. memory support from the road trip

# AutoFindr can potentially integrate with business backend systems via a generic URL request whenever you have parked. Or perhaps you want it to automate a DIY home project?

# Of course it is Battery Optimized!

# No additional hardware required besides your iPhone and a hands-free Bluetooth or plug-in USB cable.

# Test the app’s core functionality and features for free — but you will need to upgrade via in-app purchase to access more features.

# If you are lucky enough to have an Apple Watch, AutoFindr can help guide you back to your car with just a few touches on your wrist.

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