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The first app to download on your iPhone: An app starter kit with all the essential apps you’ll ever need.

AppStart takes a fresh and fun approach to teach the average Joe (or insert your name here) how to become more familiar with his iPhone and apps. NO THIS IS NOT A BORING MANUAL. We’ll fill you on the basic things that everyone should know, and then get you started with the best apps for you.

Throughout the app you’ll find special sections giving the apps you need to turn your iPhone into a specific kind of tool, or giving a list of the essentials apps for certain types of users. If you see something that sounds interesting to you click it! We’ll give you the exact set of apps to download and you’ll be on your way, no need to scour the top charts in the App Store.

This app starts out pretty basic, but by the time you get to the end you’ll be performing all the tricks that truly make the iPhone “magical.” Oh, did we mention that you’re going to have fun doing it. We love the iPhone and what we love even more is watching each person get the most out of it.

Who is AppAdvice.com?

AppAdvice.com is obsessed with finding the apps that YOU care about. Every single day our team of app enthusiasts creates 30+ articles to keep readers up to date with the cluttered App Store. We teach readers the best apps that come out each day, review the hottest apps to determine if they are worth their price tag,and even give daily recommendations of apps on sale worth downloading.

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Get TAPPD in to “the apps worth talking about”

Find your next favorite app by ‘tapping into’ an entire world of personal recommendations from friends, experts and influential people on TAPPD. Discover what’s hot, what’s trending, and the apps people with shared interests are talking about right now! Get the inside word on any app with instant opinions from real people.

Know an app worth talking about? Share it on TAPPD, where what you say counts. TAPP & TELL! It’s a simple way to share what you think about apps.


=> See what’s trending and discover the latest content people are sharing about apps
=> Follow Friends and our Top Tappers to know what apps they’re recommending
=> TAPP & TELL and inspire others with your personal recommendations
=> Like what someone says? RETAPP it to friends and people who share your interests
=> Daily TAPP: A magazine style editorial featuring the apps we love the most
=> Super simple search: Search by location, #hashtags, or app names
=> Save time by seeing what real people are saying before downloading any app

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