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FlipIt is a fully functional doodle animation app that will help to bring out the creative genius in you. The app allows you to create animated videos using the stop motion animation technique where you can draw each frame as you would in a traditional cel animation with all the tools and controls an animator would need and more and share it with your friends via YouTube. The app works wonderfully with a stylus and makes the animation creating experience even better. Here are some of the stand-out features of FlipIt :

Create & Manage Movies:

# Manage your movies/flipbooks straight from the main screen.
# Edit Name & Background, Share it on YouTube, delete movies, lock it to prevent editing and preview the movies – all from the main screen.
# Easy to use work view with all controls laid out intuitively for ease of access.
# Customized brushes and eraser within predefined range to select from.
# Several preset color options to choose from.
# Add custom colors to the color palette for future use.
# Color picker to select a color from the drawing board and use it.
# Zoom in and out by two-finger pinch method.
# Several predefined background images. All are unlocked in paid version.
# Add unlimited frames (depends on the device). In paid version only.
# Full frame management control. Copy and paste single / multiple frames anywhere in the movie.
# Duplicate a frame to create a new frame after the active frame.
# Copy / paste drawings to any frame/ layer.
# Fully functional layer management. Add multiple layers within each frame. Add, delete, merge, swap, hide/ unhide and rename layers.
# Onion skin tool that controls displays layers of previous/next frame in the background.
# Move the drawing anywhere and rotate it freely
Preview Movie:
# Preview the movie
# Play/pause, rewind and forward buttons in the Play Screen.
# FPS can be altered and increased up to 24 fps.

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True-Colors Ecards & Birthday Wallpaper Images gives you awesome real animated Ecards, funny Birthday images and stunning wallpaper backgrounds.

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# FREE APP with no ads!
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# Easy to use – Swipe and Tap!
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Create Your Own Films Today! Easily create your own Animated Movies, add Characters and Soundtrack with Voice, Music & Text to Speech!

Animation Studio frees you to Create and Share your Great Animations with anyone, anywhere on Cineverse® or via HD .mov File Export, Email, YouTube®, or on Apple TV via AirPlay™.

Featured by App Store and Independent Review Sites around the World, Animation Studio is the #1 choice for both Hobbyist and serious Animator alike. It’s easy to see why Thousands of Animators are using Animation Studio every day!

Long the Leader in Animation Innovation, we’re proud to introduce a host of Amazing New Features:

=>Clip Characters™ – Built in Animated Characters
=>Character Import & Management System!
=>Clip Sound™ – 5 Track Sound system
=>Record Mic • Music • Text to Speech!
=>Share via Cineverse • HD .mov • AirPlay



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