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The iPhone’s default music player was designed, fundamentally, long ago.
although it has changed on the surface, its design paradigm has remained the same –
its last major innovation was the original iPod itself!

Stereo presents a new home for your music — because browsing music should be fun.
It features an experience reminiscent of a vinyl record collection, while its purpose was practical from the beginning.
It’s designed to enable much greater felt freedom in choosing music, and to allow the intuition to shine.


=>Designed purposely for choosing & playing music like nothing before

=>Optimized beautifully for many artists

=>Choose music from four distinct layouts, depending on how you feel:
portrait list, landscape chart, zoomed in for album art detail, zoomed out for more artists

=>Pinch to zoom in or to zoom out

=>Only shows artists for which you have albums
designed for the musically passionate — and discography-type libraries.
select from strong lists of choices, from the music you care about

=>Each artist’s albums sorted by your personal popularity — play your favorite albums

Music browsing is more pleasurable and more practical than ever.

Stereo logo
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“The internet browser for the curious”
Forager is a new kind of web browser: search-centric!
It features a new approach to tabbed browsing, ideal for mobile, here first
each search is a tab,
links you choose are subtabs –
the foraged fruit of the search, from the wild of the ‘net
it’s the most practical UI for tabbed browsing ever designed, organized around ideas.
it’s made for the curious.
“Remember what the Dormouse said.
Feed your head”
content sources

the most common sites you might search,
each accessible a tap away
make just one search and then explore as many sources as you like
• choose from over 15 sources + your own
• search any site on a whim – just type in the domain followed by your search
& then one tap to search that site, any time – search all your favorite sites for things you’re interested in

built in sources include:
=>Rotten Tomatoes
=> Twitter
=>TED Talks
=>Google Books
=>Google News.

Forager logo
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