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Seek the Sanga!

Sanga is a free 2 player puzzle game that is actually played on a 3D board! Connect 3 in a row to achieve Sanga. However, what makes Sanga unique is that there are TWO ways to connect, either via color or shape. Use special power ups to add even more challenge to this amazing game.

Join the masses and discover why Sanga is unlike any other puzzle games you’ve played!

Challenge a friend, on or offline, in Multiplayer Mode.

Play against the clock in an unique 1-player Puzzle Mode. (See your high scores on the leader board.)

How to play?

In Multiplayer Mode, the first player (determined randomly) taps a piece from their “hand” and then taps the location on the Qoob to place the piece. The play then alternates between first and second player until the win condition is met.

In Puzzle Mode (1 player only), the goal is for the player to achieve the highest point value possible by placing pieces on the Qoob without getting Sanga. The faster a piece is placed, the higher the point value. The game ends when a Sanga is achieved.

Read more on the FAQ http://tinyurl.com/lsumzb4

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Welcome to a new kind of escape-the-room experience!

Escape the Hellevator! is an exciting new take on escape puzzle games. Real-time 3D allows players to Swipe the screen to investigate in an intuitive manner. Each item you pick up can be examined and/or Interacted with in a similar fashion.

Assume The Role of Clarence Ridgeway, a dying man being rushed to the E.R. in a hospital elevator. Enter a Mysterious priest who forces Clarence to relive his sins on each floor as he plummets to his Final judgment. Can you survive the drop to live another day?

# Intuitive controls – easy to start and hard to put down.
# Immersive environments – escape six vibrant rooms.
# Fiendish puzzles – deliciously satisfying “aha!” moments abound.
# Gorgeous artwork – Clarence’s descent is beautifully chronicled.
# Escape eternal damnation – each room reflects one of Clarence’s sins; relive the sin to escape the room!

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