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100 Video Tips App


Convenient for iPhone 6 & iPad.
According to Apple, iOS 8 has more than 100 new functions. How many do you know?
This interactive app gives you valuable tips and useful information, so you can become an expert on iOS 8 and make the most of your iPhone and iPad. Start learning now!
“100 video tips for iOS8” from the Pocket Academy series revolutionizes learning. It’s better than any book – and it’s fun! The app explains everything very simply, just like a friend would.

Your iPhone and iPad are capable of much more than you thought! You, too, can become a real expert on iOS 8 and learn how to make the most of your iPhone and iPad.
We are giving you 100 interactive, animated video-tips from 20 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes in length. So, all of our tips are perfect for learning on the go.
You don’t have to spend hours to learn something valuable, just do it when you can. Whenever and wherever you want. This app really turns learning into fun! Our premium-quality videos are presented by a professional voice actor and based on our iOS-knowledge and experience working as an editorial team for Apple-media for many years. They are convenient for beginners as well as for advanced users. For a better overview we have grouped our video tips into categories like ‘Essentials ‘ or ‘Messages’. Additionally, all tips are available as a text-version as well.

Share your knowledge with friends
You want to share one of our valuable tips with your friends? Use our share feature and send it via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. Your friends can then view the tips even without installing the app! You can also mark your favorite tips or download them for offline-viewing.

Track your progress!
With Pocket Academy you will become a pro in no time at all. Tracking your progress keeps you up to date about your achievement and what is still to come. Share your progress with friends on Facebook or Twitter!

# App Overview~100 Video Tips
# 100 coherent, brilliant video tips for iOS 8
# iPad version with optimized videos
# Videos are between 20 seconds and 3 minutes in length
# Offline mode
# Additionally, all tips are available as a text-version
# Mark your favorite tips
# Share tips with friends
# Get the medal! Track your progress!
# Share your progress on social media
# Restore your purchase on a 2nd iPad or iPhone

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