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An amazing ball bouncing shooting game is here! Shoot the ball into the hoop by bouncing it off your hero’s head! Robbie, the Robot has always dreamed of playing basketball in the NBA. But Robbie has no arms to shoot or dribble the basketball. And worse of all, he has very short legs! Fortunately, Robbie has a smooth and round head that seems built just for balls to bounce off of into the hoop. Help Robbie improve his game by guiding him through 100 bounce shots and hopefully, he will become closer to his dream of playing in the NBA!

Bounce through objects and obstacles!
Every level has a solution (often more than one!).
100 levels. Can you clear them all?
Compete with your friends and others in the Leaderboard.
This game is free to play with minimum ads and optional in-app purchases.

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