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Game 100

Find the process to fill all 100 free boxes, by following a few simple rules.

Moved horizontally or vertically jumping 2 boxes, and diagonally jumping 1 box.

At the beginning of the match, the system automatically selects the box starting with the number 1.

Your target will be to find the right way to arrive at the 100 box.

Lively red boxes will help you
where you can move around.

Be careful: the clock is ticking.

Your best score and the set time will be entered in a list attached to the system Game Center where you can also challenge each other.

Share your best score and/or request a challenge with your friends.

During the game you can repeat some moves and retrace your steps, simply by selecting the “lives”.

You will be able to buy “lives” or win by reaching the target.

Good luck!

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