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special app promotion package

Special App Promotion

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1. Competitors Research

2. Keywords Research

3. App Title Optimization

4. Description Optimization

5. Category Selection

6. Review & Rating ( 10 From us store FREE Version)

7. App Preview video

8. Featured App Review

9. App Social Sharing

Delivery Time : 9 Days

Product Description

App Store Optimization (ASO): App Name And Keywords
So, what is ASO?

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it is to potential customers. That increased visibility tends to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

The goal of ASO is to drive more traffic to your app’s page in the app store, so searchers can take a specific action: downloading your app.

Why is ASO important?

According to Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. This makes search, in the app store, the most used method for discovering and downloading new apps.

If you’re not using ASO to increase your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

What We Do For Your App ?

The point is this, you can optimize your app’s title and its description (mainly) to increase your chances in being found through a search result in App Store, so if you want to rank higher in search results you can do some adjustments and try to see what happens. iOSAPPSPY understand value for research and new tool to start ASO process we using these tools for marketing research Sensor Tower, SearchMan, Appnique, Straply, Appcode.es, MobiledevHQ, Mopapp, MetricsCat, Appannie and Appfigures.

Key ASO Factors that Gummicube focuses on:
1. App Title  (Tell users about your app ):-

Your App Title tells the user in a few seconds what you app does. This is the most important piece of ASO; if a user can’t tell what your app does by reading your title, they will move on. You are given 255 characters for your app’s title. Use the space provided to clearly describe to the user what it does. We have seen developers who simply “keyword stuffed” and created titles that are too long and don’t make sense. Titles that are too spammy turns users off.

2. App Keywords( What are users looking for? ):-

Your are only allowed 100 characters.  Picking the best keywords requires understanding your market, your competitors and popular search phrases.  These all change seasonally and staying on top of the keyword selection for an app is a full time job. We use proprietary data from inside the App Store to help pick keywords. Don’t use keywords that are too generic or too long. What would the average user type in? Keyword planners are great tools – but remember they use data from Google Web Search and not App Store Search. We incorporate real data from inside the App Store in our process.

3. Review & Rating ( What are users saying about your app? ):-

Reviews and Ratings are critical to App Store Optimization. If your app has correct on-page optimization, we estimate that 30% or more of your search ranking is based on this factor alone.

4. App Description ( Describe everything about your app ):-

Getting a user to view your description is like getting a user to visit your website. At this point users are curious and are considering if they should download your app. This is a key optimization factor. You will need to use this area to sell your app on all its great features and set the correct expectations for what the user is downloading. Short-selling yourself is bad, but overselling yourself will cause users to be unhappy which might turn to bad reviews. Use your app description to clearly describe what your app does.

5. Category Selection ( Where does your app fit in? ):-

Picking both the Primary and Secondary Category for your app is a huge decision and critical to the success of your app.  The right category will get you in front of qualified customers – while the wrong category will result in lackluster for your app.

6. App Preview Video ( What is your app’s X factor? ):-

With over one million apps in the market you’re gonna want to grab the user attention in Few Seconds when it comes to marketing you app. A high production demo video will help you showcase your app’s “X factor” in a effective and engaging manner.

7. Featured App Review ( Show your app globally ):-

Build app review & submit on featured app category on IOSAPPSPY. Make SEO Friendly & organic app review it will build your app presence,also help to get more users for your app.

8. App Social Share ( Tell everyone about your app ):-

Share your app on iOSAPPSPY social profile (Facebook + Twitter ) there more than 15k fans.Share your featured post on iOS & iPhone app groups there more than 10K members.