Bam Boomerang Very Interactive Learn-To-Read App For Kids.

Bam Boomerang Very Interactive Learn-To-Read App For Kids.


Bam Boomerang gets children reading out loud and gives them the effective, one-on-one feedback they need to practice basic literacy skills. Its Learn-To-Read App For Kids.


Step 1 – Play Games
Students play games, earn points, win virtual prizes and customize their own animated world.
Step 2 – Read Out Loud
As they play, the students read letter sounds and words aloud while the app records their voice.
Step 3 – Adults Listen
Student recordings are sent digitally to one of our army of volunteer “Listeners.” Listeners use the app to give feedback on the accuracy and fluency of student recordings using a simple touch interface. Listeners earn virtual rewards and rankings based on amount and quality of feedback. All Listener feedback is processed for accuracy and Listeners never know the identity of the students and cannot communicate directly with students.
Step 4 – Fun Feedback
The student hears his/her own recorded voice reading aloud while a cartoon character gives the student listener feedback on that recording, earning more points and virtual prizes as a reward.

For children aged 3 to 6

# We take the privacy and safety of our students very seriously and have partnered with PRIVO, a government-certified Safe Harbor program to oversee our privacy practices.
# Volunteers do not know the name of the students they are listening to.
# Volunteers cannot communicate with students.
# Volunteers can only push buttons to indicate their feedback.
# The feedback from multiple volunteers is combined and compared automatically to ensure that only accurate feedback is sent to students.

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